• Track and Field 2020

    First Practice Dates:
    March 17th for 6TH GRADE ONLY (MANDATORY)3:30 in the GYM
    March 19th for ALL participants @ Ross School 3:30 (lunch tables)
    Practice Days:
    Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30 @ Ross (meet in gym)
    Thursday 3:30 -4:30 @ Ross (meet in MS courtyard)
    Three MANDATORY practice dates @ College of Marin  (4:00 - 5:00)
                April 2nd, 16th and 23rd
     - District Meet @ Redwood High School: April 24th (8:30 - 2:30)
     (Parent drivers needed to and from the meet)
      - County Meet @ COM: May 1st  (9am - 2:30pm)
    (Parent drivers needed to and from the meet)
    District Meet: Track and Field Event Start Times (please click on link)
    County Meet: Events start 30 minutes later than District Meet


    Running Events


    100 meters = .25 of a lap (straight)


    200 meters = .50 of a lap (corner + straight)


    600 = 1.5 laps (start and finish in different places)


    1200 = 3 Laps (start and finish in SAME place)


    4 x 400 Relay = Four runners, each running 1 lap

                              4 Laps Total = Mile Relay


    Co-Ed 4x400 Relay = 2 boys/2girls


    4x100 Relay = Four Runners, each running 100m


    FIELD EVENTS (Watch videos on your own for any helpful tips)


    Shot Put – We will practice during track and Opportunities.


    Long Jump – Practicing on your own at a long jump pit (local high schools)


    High Jump – We will practice at track practice and in opportunities.


    *  Any chance you can get to go on your own time to a high school track and check the lanes, relay exchange zones, long jump pit, etc. would be great!

    Total # of Participants - 
     Male -   Female - 
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