• To our Ross School parents and guardians,

    The special education team includes resource, speech, occupational therapy, psychological, and assessment services to students with disabilities.  The group is a collaborative, cohesive team with a child-centered focus.  The team meets weekly to review student needs and to create long term processes that are positively affecting the quality of services to students, while reducing services no longer needed.

    We have excellent parent collaboration, greatly increasing the support to students and teachers.  EKOM (Every Kind of Mind) is a parent partnership providing outstanding staff development that benefits all students.

    Our learning center staff, resource teacher and para-professionals, are providing services to students with a wide range of needs.  IEPs  are produced collaboratively with parents, teachers, and when appropriate, with students.  IEPs are developed to meet the legal requirements for the least restrictive environment, having appropriate team members, gaining family and general education teacher input, gathering data collection, and having progress monitoring systems in place.

    An area for focused training is with our general education teachers.  We want to provide teachers with specific training related to disabilities, curriculum modifications and accommodations, special education practices, confidentiality, positive behavior supports, and ways to create respectful, inclusive communities within the classroom.

    It is a pleasure to be a part of this team.  Our vision for valuing all students without negatively impacting other students, keeps the standards high for all students.

    Best regards,

    Patti McVay