• Vision

    We are a dynamic learning community that keeps the hearts and minds

    of children at the center of all we do.

    Mission Statement

    We build upon our small, personalized learning environment and partnerships with parents and community to provide the best educational experience for every child. We will:

    • Attract and retain outstanding teachers and staff
    • Teach, model and practice ethics, honesty, leadership and respect
    • Raise and maintain ample financial resources
    • Collaborate with parents and community to increase participation in parent organizations, school events and in the classrooms
    • Communicate all relevant school information when appropriate
    • Provide a strong academic foundation in which how one learns is as important as what one learns. This includes:

    - Creative thinking

    - Effective communication

    - Problem solving

    - Confidence and courage

    - Leadership

    - Ethics

    - Caring

    - Health and well-being

    · Develop innovative teaching methods using technology and research-based best practices

    Core Values

    The beliefs expressed by our parents, community, teachers and staff:

    · Supporting all children to achieve the Ross School Student Profile

    · Strong academics and program

    · Acknowledging and addressing the individual learning styles of our students

    · Excellent teachers as the key to an outstanding education

    · Curiosity and a love for learning

    · Continuous improvement and innovation

    · Teaching and modeling character

    · Making a positive difference for others and the world

    · Respecting the developmental stages of childhood

    · A global perspective

    · Strong community support and involvement

    · A small community school with small class sizes

    · Education as a respectful partnership: student, home, school, community

    · Integrity, honesty, transparency and respect

    · Decisions based on what is best for children

Last Modified on April 16, 2009