• Hello Ross family, 

    Nurse Parker here! I am reaching out to discuss the HealthTrac application. Using this app is required for entrance onto the Ross School campus daily. The purpose of HealthTrac is to help control an outbreak in our school by monitoring the health of our community, staff, and students.  Although we are not yet on campus every day, we ask that you start using it on a daily basis now to help build the screening into your morning routine. Starting the screening now allows space for you to learn and your children to ask questions and voice concerns.

    Please take temperatures each morning before drinking, eating, or brushing your teeth, or fifteen to thirty minutes after doing these tasks. Normal body temperature ranges from 97-99 degrees fahrenheit but fluctuates with activity, age and health conditions.  As one of the app administrators, I ask that the screening questions be answered truthfully with no hesitation.  This not only helps me assess for possible outbreaks in our Ross community it also opens up conversations between us.  Although COVID-19 is prevalent in our state, my goal is for a “failed” screening not to create panic, but to allow us to discuss what steps to take next to promote the health and education of your child while protecting the community.

    If you need a new registration email for HealthTrac please let me know and I can send you a new one, please email Nurse Parker at:  dparker@rossbears.org

    Click here for a how-to video on using the HealthTrac app.

    Click here for a link to the desktop version of HealthTrac.


    • HealthTrac should be done daily (habits are made through repetition).
    • Temperature is taken and properly recorded (before consumption of fluids if it is  oral temp). 
    • Truthful answers (personal accountability).
    • Give time for concerns to be voiced and questions to be answered.
    • If a test denies access to campus, please call the school to speak with  Nurse Parker, (415) 457-2705 x204

    Links to more information: