• Ross School Athletics Philosophy

    All middle school students are encouraged to participate in our after-school sports programs. "The importance of participation for each child, best effort and enjoyment rather than winning should be stressed". Coaches will strive to "strike a balance between a young person's desire to win and young person's desire to participate, irrespective of ability. (Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children's Sport).

    At all times, the program adheres to the principles of fair play and of Ross School values and vision. Athletics contributes to the development of the whole person and is an integrated part of the academic curriculum of Ross School promoting leadership, self-discipline and responsibility.

    Fair Play has 5 Basic Principles:

    1. Respect the rules
    2. Respect the opponents
    3. Respect the officials and their decisions
    4. Have everyone participate
    5. Maintain self-control at all times

    * Fair Play does not change any of the rules of the game.

    * Fair Play encourages all players on all teams to be as competitive as possible but within the rules.

    Middle School athletics are one of the important after school activities offered at Ross School and are designed to have a positive influence on students. In addition to athletic skill development, coaches are responsible for teaching our student-athletes proper attitudes toward citizenship, sportsmanship, and cooperation, as well as developing self-discipline and self-esteem. Our goal is to provide an athletic program that is a part of the educational program, which will promote physical activity and desirable attributes in leadership and sportsmanship for all the participants in the athletic program.
     Thank you for your interest and/or participation in Ross Athletics!
Last Modified on May 20, 2021