• Dear MBST Community, 
    We are thrilled to announce this year's Margie Burke Speech Tournament!

    The 39th Annual MBST will take place on April 29th, 2023 at Ross School.  The application is now live and ready to go!  The deadline for registration is March 29th, 2023.  The entry fee is $40 per participant.
    We look forward to seeing you all at the competition!
    Leslie Davalos Bergholt 
    MBST 2023 Director 








    The Annual Margie Burke Speech Tournament, open to all Marin County 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, is scheduled for Saturday, April 29, 2023 from 8:00am to 4:00pm at Ross School.  

    This is the largest middle school speech tournament in the County.  Each school may send up to twenty-five students to the tournament. Each student may enter up to three events, choosing from:





    Descriptions of the events are in the Speech Rules and Instructions. Each student will be assigned to a room in which he/she will present his/her speech before a panel of judges. First, second and third place standings are determined by the ranking in each room. There are no semifinal or final rounds. Students are expected to commit to the events they select and are asked to fill out a Statement of Commitment, requiring signatures from the student, parent and teacher. Changes or withdrawals seriously inconvenience all participants and tournament organization.

    FEES:  ENTRY FEE OF $40 PER STUDENT (A school check for the total number of participants is requested.)

    JUDGES:  EACH  PARTICIPATING  SCHOOL  MUST PROVIDE 3  JUDGES AND 1 ROOM MODERATOR; usually parent or teacher volunteers.  This is a strict requirement for your school participation. Your help is essential to the success of the tournament!

    AWARDS:  All students receive a Certificate of Participation. First, second and third place medals are awarded to the winners from each classroom contest. Ties are possible. A Grand Champion, 2nd  Champion and 3rd  Champion trophy will be awarded for each grade level. Grand Champions are based on cumulative points achieved in the tournament. Entering two or more events (up to three events permitted) enhances a student’s chances of winning a Grand Champion trophy.


    Please contact MBST Director, Leslie Davalos Bergholt, lesliebergholt@yahoo.com,
     with questions and for more information.