California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)


    California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)/Smarter Balanced Assessments are computer-adaptive tests that replace the former paper-based Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) tests. The CAASPP reports display student performance data relative to the new California standards, commonly referred to as the Common Core.  California, along with most other states, adopted new standards that require students to cite evidence, write analytically, draw logical solutions, and tackle real-­world problems in mathematics.

    When you review the results of the CAASPP, we encourage you to remember that it is just one measure of student progress. California is moving toward a “dashboard” approach to measuring what students are learning – this test is just one of the gauges, a piece of how a student’s academic progress will be measured over time.  It is best to consider these first scores a starting point.


    In an effort to provide you with detailed information on how to interpret achievement results, we have provided a sample student score report to support you in understanding your child’s performance. The attached report provides a description of a sample student’s performance and how to understand their performance relative to the key outcomes assessed on the CAASPP.  This document has been created by the California Department of Education and we think this resource is a useful tool for interpreting results.  For further detail on how to interpret the score at each grade level, we encourage you to access the state test guide for parents or the general California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress System (click on the "Student and Parent” tab).


    Understanding CAASPP Reports

    2017 Ross School District CAASPP Scores

    2015 Ross School District CAASPP Scores

    California Department of Education Test Data