The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee is dedicated to…

    • Expanding our school’s culture of inclusivity and belonging through programs such as optional recess activities and middle school clubs
    • Celebrating our differences through community engagement, art, and knowledge sharing
    • Educating our students on cultural events and global awareness through elementary school read-alouds done by middle school volunteers
    • Promoting school-wide unity by creating opportunities for students to connect with each other across grade levels and gender identities

    We meet monthly in the school library on the second Tuesday of every month.  These meetings can be attended on zoom as well with this link.

    We welcome all parents and staff of the Ross School community to join our planning committee.  If you have ideas or questions, please reach out to Mindy Nowak (melindanowak@gmail.com) or Erin Grace (eringrace11@gmail.com