Developer Fees

  • As a result of increased enrollment, the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) has looked to find ways to acquire new funds. In late fall of 2016, TUHSD approved the collection of developer fees to assist in new capital projects. TUHSD’s decision impacts all feeder districts including the residents within the boundaries of Ross School District. Specifically, the residents of the Ross School District are now required to pay a new fee when certain improvements are made to residential and commercial properties.

    The Ross School District immediately responded by identifying the net impact on our community and determining eligibility for recapturing a portion of these funds to go back into our community. Currently, all developer fees go to TUHSD. The Ross School District has decided to capture a portion of these fees so they directly benefit our school. By instituting developer fees for the Ross School District, the fees for residential additions have increased by $0.066 per square foot, totaling $3.48 per square foot, and 70% will be retained by the Ross School District. Currently, every elementary school district in Marin County with the exceptions of the Ross School District and Bolinas-Stinson School District collect developer fees.                                                                                                                                                                                    

    We would like to emphasize that Ross School receives tremendous contributions and support from parents, alumni, and community members. These fees will result in future improvements for our school and reinvesting dollars directly to Ross School.